Diversity & Tech #14 (October 23)


Congratulations on finishing 50% of the semester!

I aim to read all your papers this weekend and submit your midterm grade next week. My deadline to submit midterm grades is November 6. New this semester, I’ll use NYU Connect to raise β€œflags” with your advisor if needed, and to raise kudos (if it’s not too complicated).

Reminder to please review the class syllabus for the grading rubrics and policies on attendance, assignments, etc., and let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for all your hard work.

Woohoo(!): field trip next Monday, October 30. For the first hour, we’ll examine motion capture and photogrammetry tech at 370 Jay Street, Room 220. For the second hour, we’ll take a walking tour of Tandon’s slavery-era history. Our guest discussant/guide will Michael Higgins Jr. of Social Justice Walks and Brooklyn Movement Center. No timed exercise or discussion that day.


  • News 
  • Timed Exercise 
  • Discussion 
    • Please use the audiobook pronunciation of Dawn’s character names
  • Research notes, cultural competence and intersectionality


  1. Read/listen/watch, take notes, and be ready for in-class timed exercises & discussions on: 
  2. Continue finalizing your midterm article.
    • The article is due this Thursday 10/26 @12pm, when I’ll download your Google Doc. 
    • If you want written feedback, please finish and alert me via email TODAY, 10/23 @7:50pm. I’ll download early papers @8pm tonight. 
  3. Add relevant a news item to D&T News Items 2023.