NYU D&T: Phase 2 Syllabus Revisions + Important Info

Syllabus Revisions For Phase 2 (March 24 to May 7)

  • Phase 2 Attendance: Synchronous attendance (at 2pm EDT on Tuesdays/Thursdays) will be EXTRA CREDIT in Phase 2 to accommodate students in different time zones. Each class you attend in its entirety will add an extra 0.4 point to your final grade, and asking questions will also garner extra credit. (Attending every class in Phase 2 is roughly equivalent to a 1500-word extra credit essay.) The original attendance policy still applies to Phase 1.
  • Class Recordings: Starting March 24, all classes will be recorded so that you can watch them later if you can’t attend class synchronously. You can see upcoming class plans on the Phase 2 Calendar (formerly the Guest Speaker Calendar) and watch/listen to recordings linked from the Phase 2 Recordings page. To help protect the privacy of participants, I will email you a password for the recordings page.
  • Blog Posts: Since attendance will be weighted less in your Phase 2 grade, more weight will be put on blog posts. I’ll give you fourteen (14) blog post assignments for Phase 2, and I’d like you to respond to each of them. This means that fourteen (14) blog posts will be required for Phase 2, and each post must correspond to a blog post assignment from that week.
  • Pass/Fail: If you are switching to a Pass/Fail grade for this class, please let me know via email, since the switch might not show up in ALBERT right away.

Additional Notes

  • Guest Speakers: Most guest speakers are still confirmed for our class, and many of them can provide additional insight as to how COVID-19 is affecting vulnerable communities. I encourage you to attend and ask questions (either via voice or typed into the chat box).
  • Using Zoom: To conserve bandwidth, I’ll ask all of you to turn on video only at
    • the beginning of class
    • when a Guest Speaker starts and ends their presentation (to give applause)
    • during Q&A
    • during breakout sessions

And a personal note

I realize that the changing COVID situation is causing a lot of stress, hardship, and upheaval for many of you, and I feel much sorrow that you have to go through this as a student. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or just need some help.