Books & Software for CS @ PEP 2024

Ideal Scenario

We’re able to install new software in the lab during the spring, then we’ll be ready for CS in the summer.

New software:

New Books:

Bonus: Blender “Donut” Tutorial Videos

  • A series of thirteen short tutorials for complete Blender beginners, culminating in an animated pile of donuts. Learning animation is oriented towards video tutorials these days, so if the students could access this donut tutorial (which apparently is the #1 beginning Blender tutorial), it could help their learning!

Less Ideal Scenario

We’re not able to install new software. In this case, we would go with the previous books:

If we can’t install new software but we ARE able to copy software between computers at PEP, this would help. The worst case scenario is that some of the computers have Python and Python games, while some don’t. In this case, students would have to work in groups and share computers all semester.