NYU Data Vis 2018 Final Projects

In order of presentation on December 13. Thanks for a great semester of projects!

CSforAll, Group 1: Member Orgs

by Richelle Newby and Emilie Shen


CSforAll, Group 2: Commitments

by Nicole Song and Evelyn Xu


MIT CREATE: Market Vendors in Durban, South Africa

by Steven Yoo and Zhenwen Zhang


Associated Press + Multimer: Immersive Reality Study

by Simin Gu


BrainPOP: DonorsChoose Data Vis

by Chian Huang and Yan Huang


Extra Credit Group Project: NYU Activism 2017

by Richelle Newby, Nicole Song, Evelyn Xu, and Zhenwen Zhang


Extra Credit Group Project: Boston Housing Authority

Thanks for a great semester of projects!