NYU D&T Session #15 (Cancelled) LGBTQ+ Professionals in STEM

Dear D&T Students, thank you for your resilience amidst the pandemic. Thanks also for your patience with me, as I had to cancel class on March 24 due to a family emergency. I hope to reschedule Yvonne Muthoni and Max Evans to speak at a later date; in the meantime, you can see the revised blog post assignment below.


  • REQUIRED Phase 2, Blog Post #1. Choose at least one other midterm project from this class (not your own) and discuss: If both/all of your projects were to be created in real life, how might they influence each other?

    You can pick whichever project you like, but below I will highlight some common themes and finished projects that explore these themes (in alphabetical order by first name).
    • Mass Manufacturing, Logistics, and Supply Chain: Andreas, Hofai, Idriss/Nicolai, Jenny, Kimberly
    • Language Processing: Rafael, Shehara
    • Education: Derick/Joey/Luiza, Nicola
    • Mobile OS System Revisions: Brandon/Halenur, Mahek
    • Social Media Algorithms: Chino, Jennifer, Landon, Maggie, Weixiong
    • Influence in the Media: Ian/Anna, Masthora, Jade, Harry