NYU Class Description & Syllabus

The Quantified Self About Town Tues, 12:10pm to 3:05pm. 721 Broadway, NYC, Floor 4, Room 15 How can we take advantage of the connected technologies transforming individual data to massively larger scales in time and space? From smartphones to wearables, from social media to quantified self, the aggregation and geo-location of data is becoming a major […]

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Upcoming Events

New York events: contact Arlene to participate. Feb 3, 12-3pm: Share your projects (via 10-minute videoconference session) with my NYU class to inspire, advise, collaborate. March 28: Big Data Fest at New York Hall of Science. May 30: Ideas City Festival at New Museum NYC. IOT Festival: contact Brian DeLacey to participate. IoT Festival Site Jan […]

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MIT IAP, Session 1: Overview

For our first session, we’ll get started by setting the stage for our hands-on activities. We’ll talk about context, our experiences and biases, our questions, the issues we see in our respective fields, and our goals. Then we’ll start making stuff. Hello and intros. Overview of modules that we will connect. (sensor system flowchart) Slideshows on Contexts: HCI […]

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