Data Vis 2018 Phase 2 Requirements

Phase 2 Paper. Full draft due November 8. (Final paper due in Phase 3)

Please write a 1250+ word research article, creative nonfiction, or ethnography (series of interviews) that critically examines issues faced by your community partner in the process of data visualization. If you need a community partner, consider the list of confirmed community partners for the class.

  1. What are the questions they are researching or investigating with data?
  2. What are their issues in collecting the data?
  3. What are their issues in cleaning the data?
  4. What are their issues in understanding the data?
  5. Are there historical precedents for this kind of work with data? For this, please explore and cite at least one of the books from the “Historical/Foundational” section of the course-reserved books (see syllabus).
  6. What kinds of data visualizations can help them? What kinds of visualizations can’t help them? For this, it may help to explore the books in the “Technique/Science” section of the course reserves (see syllabus).
  7. Please provide possible vis sketches and/or notes from your exchanges with your community partner. Keep in mind that some community partners may have limited time to work with you. Plan accordingly!
  8. If applicable, please integrate your thoughts on speakers and/or site visits so far.
  9. Please draft an MLA-formatted bibliography for the books, articles, web sites, site visits, speakers, and other sources that you cite. Please use at least three sources, including one of the course reserves.