Data Vis 2017 Phase 1 Project Requirements

Phase 1 Project, due October 5

Note: Keywords are highlighted in orange.Β 

Develop a polished, accessible interactive visualization(s) of a pre-approved dataset for a general audience with no previous knowledge of the data. CHECKLIST:

  • Dataset approved: You must receive approval to use the dataset by September 30 OR use a dataset from the class’s pre-approved list.
  • Accessible: Anyone (namely, your instructor) must be able to interact with your visualization outside of class. Please provide a link from your blog. No screenshots!
    • If the visualization uses HTML/Javascript, please post it either on a standalone web page or on a code playground like JSFiddle or Codepen. Embed the visualization in your blog (see example here), or include the link in a blog post.
    • If your visualization is hosted by a cloud site (ie ArcGIS cloud), make sure that you modify permissions so that the public can view it.
    • If the visualization is not online, please send me the files, application links, and/or materials I need to interact with theΒ visualization offsite. Please do this by October 4 at 11am.
    • If the visualization is physical (i.e. uses physical computing), e-mail me.
  • Polished: include keys, colors, annotations, and other relevant information to show and explain patterns in the data that can only be understood through your project.
  • Explainable: include introductory text and titles so that a general user has all the information she/he needs to engage with and understand the visualization without further explanation.
  • Presentable: Be prepared to talk the class through a 4-5 minute demonstration of your visualization, followed by 3-4 minutes of Q&A. Please remember to link to all materials from your blog.