Data Vis Midterm Requirements

Midterm, due October 15

Note: Keywords are highlighted in orange

  1. Develop an interactive visualization(s) of a large (5000+ records) dataset for a general audience with no previous knowledge of the data. If the visualization is online, it should be deployed on a standalone web page—do not use code playgrounds like JSFiddle or Codepen. If the visualization is not online, please send me the files or materials I need to run and evaluate the visualization offsite. The visualization should employ
    • keys, colors, annotations, and other relevant information to show and explain patterns in the data that can only be understood through your project.
    • introductory text and titles so that a general user has all the information she/he needs to engage with and understand the visualization without further explanation.
  2. Include a background write-up (at least 800 words on your blog is fine) with an MLA-formatted bibliography containing at least 3 scholarly articles. Be sure to address the following points in the write-up. I will evaluate your project based on these points:
    • How is your overall visualization significant, unique, and relevant to general audiences?
    • What is the data source? How is it significant?
    • What questions does your visualization help answer? What is the best medium for this representation? (i.e. poster, model, web page)
    • Please discuss prior work,  prototypes, or sketches for your visualization. It can be both others’  work (please cite them in your bibliography) and/or your own work. How have these predecessors refined your work for this project?
    • Is there a subset of the general audience that could especially use or appreciate your visualization? If so, why?
    • How is your visualization implemented? What technologies does it use?
    • How is your visualization meant to be used? What are the steps for a user to interact with your vis? 
    • Future Work: What are the next steps for refining this project?
  3. Create a slidedeck (of at least 6 slides) that explains the content in your write-up.
  4. Be prepared to give a 7-10 minute presentation of your slides and your visualization, followed by 5-7 minutes of Q&A.