Data Vis Final Requirements

Final, due December 10

Note: Evaluation keywords are highlighted in orange

  1. Develop an interactive visualization(s) of a significant dataset for a general audience with no previous knowledge of the data. If the visualization is online, it should be deployed on a standalone web page—do not use code playgrounds like JSFiddle or Codepen. The visualization should employ introductory text and titles as well as keys, colors, annotations, and any other other information needed for a user to understand the vis.
  2. Include a background write-up (at least 800 words on your blog is fine) with an MLA-formatted bibliography containing at least 5 scholarly articles. Be sure to address the following points in the write-up. I will evaluate your project based on these points:
      • If your vis uses the same data from the midterm, how is it an expansion on the work you did for the midterm? Is the expansion significant?
      • If your vis is screen-based, how did you conduct a simple statistical analysis on the data? Please calculate and discuss basic values including mean, min/max, range, and correlation. If applicable, also discuss significance and t-test results, etc.
      • If your vis is tangible, how did you conduct a persona design exercise to envision interaction scenarios for the system? (Alternatively, you can use other ideation exercises.)
    • How is your overall visualization significant, unique, and relevant to general audiences?
    • What is the data source? How is it significant?
    • What questions does your visualization help answer? What is the best medium for this representation? (i.e. poster, model, web page)
    • Please discuss prior work,  prototypes, or sketches for your visualization. It can be both others’ work (please cite them in your bibliography) and/or your own work. How have these predecessors refined your work for this project?
    • What is the subset of the general audience that could especially use or appreciate your visualization?
    • How is your visualization implemented? What technologies does it use?
    • How is your visualization meant to be used? What are the steps for a user to interact with your vis? 
    • Future Work: What are the next steps for refining this project?
  3. Create a slidedeck (of at least 9 slides) that explains the content in your write-up.
  4. Be prepared to give a 10-20 minute presentation of your slides and your visualization, followed by 10-20 minutes of Q&A.