D&T Class Blogs 2019

In Alphabetical Order by First Name

Abid Siam 
Alex Heywood
Alice Lau
Ari Bennett
Ashia White
Augustin Cuignet
Camil Belmaachi
Ishan Ghimire
Jaynaba Kane
Jeremy Eng
Michael Adut
Mohamed Elgohary
Munsu Lee
Nabiha Khan
Nicole Diaz
Rabiya Sharieff
Shahriar Sadi
Shiv Lakhanpal
Sierra Romo
Tahmid Baro Bhuiyan
Tamim Islam

A note on numbering your blog posts: Please don’t number your posts to correspond to class sessions! Please make sure that your earliest class post says “Post #1: [Your Main Idea],” and that all subsequent posts are numbered consecutively until Midterm Week. By then, the list of your posts should look something like

  • Midterm
  • Post #10
  • Post #9
  • … [Post #8… going backwards to Post #2]
  • Post #1

If you have any extra credit posts, don’t number them; instead, please label the post as “Extra Credit.”