NYU Diversity&Tech Session 1: Baselines.


  • Aging Incubator launched its second Annual Innovators in Aging Award on Monday, January 7, 2019 and the first round deadline is March 1, 2019. Here is the link to the competition’s website and attached is the competition’s flyer.   


  • Introduction: Diversity. And. Technology.
  • Class agreements, codes of conduct, ground rules, and definitions: a collaborative document
  • Axes of Diversity, Axes of Oppression, Axes of Technology
  • Keywords and Terms

Assignments For Next Session

  1. Set up a blog (or add a “Diversity+Tech” section to your existing blog) and send the link to me at arlduc [at] nyu.edu.
    • It doesn’t matter which blog service you use.
    • NYU provides blog services and space: https://wp.nyu.edu
    • You can password protect your blog or specific blog posts if you do not want to share it outside of this course.
    • Please email me if you have further questions or concerns.
  2. Read essays on “Identity,” “Technology,” and “Diversity.” Write a post on where they intersect–and where they don’t.
  3. Before class on Wednesday: visit the NYU Makerspace. Be prepared to discuss the possibility of making projects there.