D&T Blog Assignments, Fall 2020

If you don’t already have a blog, the easiest way to set one up is to use NYU Web Publishing. For Site Access permissions, please choose “Not indexed in search engines but still available for public to view” OR “Visible to all of NYU.” 

  • Phase 1, Blog Post #1: Once you set up your blog, write a brief post in which you introduce yourself. Please also discuss briefly:
    • Your SSI(s) and technology background
    • SSI(s) and technologies you want to learn more about
  • Phase 1, Blog Post #2: Exercise in Information Literacy. Continue to write about the blog platform or service you’re using. If you like, you can use the basic Who/What/When/Where/Why model. Please include why you’re using this technology and who’s behind the technology.
  • Phase 1, Blog Post #3: Going back to your Blog Post #1 (where you discuss the SSIs and technologies you want to learn more about), take a look at your classmates’ blogs and discuss or more blogs that might cover your interests. Discuss them in this post. CLARIFICATION: the SSIs should note be your own, and the technologies should not the ones you know.
  • Phase 1, Blog Post #4:Β Read the following keywords essays, and then discuss the concept of LITERACY in these contexts:

  • Phase 1, Blog Post #5: Please write about
    1. The three reports discussed in Session #5 on Sept. 17 (Mercer, World Economic Forum, Gates). Were there any surprises in the results? Do you notice any hidden biases on the part of the authors?
    2. New strategies you might employ, based on Session #5’s discussion, to address microaggressions you encounter, either as a target and/or as a witness/ally.