MIT Workshop: More Resources

  More hardware stuff: Adafruit BLE breakout to the iPhone. Further practice (zip file). Set up a GPS/SD logger shieldย (arduino sketch).ย Pulse Plus GPS/SD logger Simple Demo 1 Simple Demo 2 Optional voltron time. Another useful resource: Small batch PCB:ย,ย (best small batch prices as of 2014) A bit more iPhone stuff: ย iOS basic tutorial. […]

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Prototyping, Cities, and Selves: Quickstart Presentations and Links

Slideshowsย on Contexts: HCI sub-fields. Prototyping considerations. Overview of prototyping platforms. Physical Computing. Arduino. Quick Start Guide. Dummies guide. Suppliers. Overview of mobile platforms (developer/designer perspective, business perspective). iOS intro. Arlene’s iOS/BLE/Sensor Crash Course. Lab: Digital I/O with Arduino.  

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Sensor List

SENSOR LIST SparkFun Infrared Proximity Breakout – VCNL4000 BOB-10901 Optical Dust Sensor – GP2Y1010AU0F COM-09689 Vibration Motor ROB-08449 ย  Alcohol Gas Sensor – MQ-3 SEN-08880 Piezo Vibration Sensor – Small Horizontal SEN-09198 Carbon Monoxide Sensor – MQ-7 SEN-09403 Methane CNG Gas Sensor – MQ-4 SEN-09404 LPG Gas Sensor – MQ-6 SEN-09405 SparkFun Capacitive Touch Sensor […]

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