NYU Data Vis 2017 Class Blogs

Class Projects and Blogs (in alphabetical order by last name):

Matter NYC: Through the Eyes of an Entrepreneur
Community Partner: Matter
byΒ Lindsay Abrams


StoryCorps Visualization
Community Partner: Library of Congress
byΒ Meshal Alhathal


Analyzing H-1B Petitions
Community Partner: Grafiti
byΒ Hasan Ansari,Β Brian (Chi-Hin) Hui,Β Akash Kumar, &Β Harsh Trivedi


VR & Immersive MediaΒ (with sentiment vis and motion trail plot)
Community Partner: Associated Press
byΒ Albert (Mazhendong) Feng,Β Jade Lin,Β &Β Shuai Wang


AP Immersive Engagement Study
Community Partner: Associated Press
by Will (Yi-Wei) HsuΒ &Β Mona (Hayeon) Kim


Measuring Media Immersion
Community Partner: Associated Press
by Parvez Kose


Stanford Education Data (short means, shortΒ achievement gaps, long means)
Community Partner: Brainpop
byΒ Alex Lotsos


Analysis of Impact
Community Partner: Private
byΒ Garima Negi