D&T 2022 #14 ⚔️Check-ins & Microaggressions

Announcements 2700 words due today. Midterm time! Upcoming class plans: 10/26: Gentrification walking tour, weather allowing 11/2: visit to Clive Davis Gallery 11/14 Disability Zone (remote). Remote every Monday after that? Agenda Check-ins: hyperbole & supported assertions REVIEW THE STYLE GUIDE of the identity you’re researching. Otherwise you might be describing people who hold these […]

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D&T 2022 #13 🗺️ Topographical Bureau & More

Announcements TODAY 10/19: Visit to the Topographical Bureau @ Brooklyn Borough Hall. Our appointment is at 2:30, so let’s meet at 2pm outside of this building’s exit (2 Metrotech) and walk over together. Other scheduled visits: 11/2 visit to Clive Davis Gallery, 11/14 Disability Zone training (remote). Photos from class events Today is International Pronouns Day! NYU’s Pronouns […]

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D&T 2022 #9: Research Tutorials, Aging, & High Steel 🏗️👷🏾🚧 🏗️👷🏾🚧

Announcements TODAY’s Mohawk Walk: In the second half of class, let’s either take a walk or watch some movies in advance of Indigenous Peoples Day. Note: next week, class is on Tuesday & Wednesday, since 10/10 is Indigenous Peoples Day & other things. Manhattan Field Trip next Wednesday. I need a few volunteers (worth a […]

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