D&T 2022 #10: More Research Tips, STEM in Prison, Mohawk Walk


  • Today: Mohawk Walk to 360 Pacific Street
  • Wednesday 10/12: Manhattan Field Trip info is now in this doc. Note this link so you know where to go, when to go, and who to contact if you run into issues!
  • Next week: check-ins & justice-impact notes on Monday, Borough Hall field trip on Wednesday
  • Monday 10/24 is class #14. I will submit your midterm grade based on your work to this mid-point. Aim for 2700 words by this date.

Agenda: Quick Reminders, then Mohawk Walk

Tips & Reminders

  • Start to make your title more specific.
    • You must keep the “<Dependent Variable> and <Independent Variable>” title structure.
    • Is it a systematic review? Or more of a narrative/critical/traditional review?
    • ThisΒ paperΒ is a good example of a NON-systemic lit review. I would say it’s aΒ critical/thematic review. If you paper does not have a quantitative analytic component, take a look at this paper as a possible model.
  • These papersΒ papers are good examples of systematic lit reviews.
  • Coming soon: how to write a “Results” section without plagiarizing

Let’s go for a walk! In TOPIC GROUPS

Assignment: 300 more words and…

  • Please continue to digest the Checklists: Cultural and Research Competencies and (critically) read more about any concepts that are unfamiliar to you. Review the diversity style guides related to the protected class you’re researching. This will help minimize unconscious/implicit bias and the unconscious harm, which can be very difficult to catch in our own work and our own selves. Peer Review 1 will focus on potential harm, but start thinking about this more deeply. We will return to these concepts in future classes. 
  • Start focusing on β€œMethods.” (Formerly β€œReview”). Explain your choices and processes in compiling your Works Cited / Bibliography.