D&T 2022 #8: Catching πŸ†™ ☝🏿☝️☝🏾


  • Results:
    • Field Trip toΒ Van Alen Institute
    • Manhattan field trip is now NEXT WEDS (not this Weds). Note that you can arrive late or leave early if you have a Brooklyn class before/after this class.
  • Next class, 10/5: brief virtual visit from NYU Aging Incubator, then the Mohawk Walking Tour
  • Note: next week, class is on Tuesday & Wednesday, since 10/10 is Indigenous Peoples Day & other things.

Interesting orgs for your projects

Videocassette on JoyPixels 6.6


Quick 1-on-1 check-ins about your paper so far

Class Discussion

  • Last intros: Seann & Zhangqi
  • D&T Project Resources
    • Please feel free to cite the community partner presentations & resources!
  • Google Docs Quick Tutorials:
    • Add page numbers
    • Add a table of contents
    • Add page breaks
    • Add URLS
    • Note that word counts are recommendations only. You can have slightly longer/shorter sections as long as your first full draft of writing adds up to about 4000 words.Β 

How’s it going with your bibliographies?

Pregnant Man on Emojipedia 14.0

Assignment: First Checkpoint

  • Please aim for those 1200 words by Wednesday! I will start leaving comments soon.
  • We will do spot checks in the coming weeks.