NYU Data Vis 2017 Phase 3 Final Project Requirements

Phase 3 (Final) Project, due Dec 14

Develop a polished, accessible, interactive visualization(s) of the data set(s) that you chose with your community partner (CP). In addition to explaining tools and graphics like you did in Phase 1, in Phase 3 I’d like you to explain the process of developing the visualization with your CP, and the new insights that the visualization unveils for you and your CP.

You are welcome to invite your CP, colleagues, friends to the final presentation, but if you haven’t previously filled out the final presentation form, please email me a headcount.


  • Dataset approved (5 points): The dataset(s) must be approved by the community partner that you declared a few weeks ago. Please post a link to the dataset(s) on your blog.
  • Accessible and usable (10 points): See Phase I’s explanation for “Accessible.” If your vis is web-based, please test it on multiple browsers and check that it’s not loading so much data that the browser crashes. If your visualization is not web-based, be sure to get me the materials by Dec 14. If the visualization is not on the web by the time of class, you will lose points.
  • Polished (20 points): include keys, colors, annotations, and other relevant information to show and explain patterns in the data that can only be understood through your project.
  • Explainable (15 points): include introductory text and titles so that your community partner, and general users, have all the information she/he needs to engage with and understand the visualization without further explanation.
  • Demonstrates Process (20 points): Show iterations and sketches for the vis, and explain the iterative feedback you received for it. You don’t need to demonstrate this during your presentation, but your polished paper from Phase 2 should contain this documentation.
  • Demonstrates Significance, Insights and Outcomes (20 points): What insights and patterns are unveiled by your visualization? Consider what cannot be seen or explained without your visualization. How is it significant to your CP, and how will your CP use these insights going forward?
  • Presentable and Relevant (10 points): Be prepared to talk the class through a 5-6 minute demonstration of your visualization, followed by 5-6 minutes of Q&A. Please be ready to give a bit of background to explain the relevance of the work. Please publish your presentation materials, and your final paper, on your blog BEFORE CLASS.