Antigua & Barbuda IT Teacher Workshop: Python, Prototyping & Design Thinking

By the Antigua & Barbuda Ministry of Education Planning Unit
As part of the IT Curriculum Enhancement Program (ITCEP)

Update: Project Resources, 2 June

To IT Teacher Workshop participants: Congratulations on your work! Here are share resources for each of your projects, in case you decide to keep iterating… and/or if prototyping resources become available through MoE or other sources!

  • Automatic Teacher Assigner (by The Arrays): It might be possible to make a minimum viable prototype using formulas in a shared, collaborative spreadsheet like Google Sheets.
  • Training Instructors & Students (by the Atoms): the MoE Planning Unit is connecting with a Trinidad-based organization called Restore a Sense of I Can, which has an e-waste collection and repair program that could be a good partner for your project.Β 
  • Commute Antigua (by the Ballers): if you use Microsoft Azure, they have an open source β€œFleet Tracking” codebase that includes a web dashboard and an Android app.Β 
  • Teachers’ Aid on Wheels (by the Hummingbirds): has several instructions to make mobile charging carts, including a solar-powered cart and a simple plywood cart. Instructables also has student competitions (with prizes) and a dedicated teachers’ section.

Also: I remembered (a bit too late) that Free Python Games for Python 2 was much easier to install than the current version. Here is the repository as I used it in the NYU Prison Ed Program, though be warned that Python 2 was sunsetted in 2020.

AGENDA: Monday, 30 May

9:00-10:00 As participants arrive:

10:00 Presentation: New IT Tools to Consider

10:30 Break
Please write your name down on your name-tag and sign-in form.

10:45 ITCEP Consultancy Findings & Recommendations

11:15 Ideation Exercise
In groups. Please come up with a fun name for your group.

11:45 Shareback: Themes & Group Names
Over the next 24 hours, please think about the themes that are shared, try to read more on Design Thinking, and consider forming a WhatsApp conversation with your group.

12:30 Lunch, open discussion and tinkering
ITCEP leaders will convene to determine Prototype Challenge Question for Tuesday.

1:30: END
For tomorrow, please bring scissors if you can!
Also bring markers, tape, and/or anything you think might be useful to make cardboard prototype.

AGENDA: Tuesday, 31 May

9:00 Arrival. As your group members arrive:

  • Please discuss the strengths you bring to the Prototype Challenge, e.g. crafting, interviewing potential users, building consensus, presenting, etc.
  • More sites to peruse while you wait:
  • When Keron John arrives: a demo of Free Python Games

9:30 Prototype Challenge Begins! We will explain

  • the Challenge Question
  • the Deliverables
  • the Judging Criteria of desirability (most important), feasibility, and sustainability

10:00 – 12:00 Prototype Challenge! After you ideate and devise your solution, please be sure to

  • Find and chat with at least 1 Power User: a person who is excited to use your solution. They must be a real person who isn’t in your group. Be ready to present their story.
  • Make a Paper or Cardboard Prototype.
  • If you can, show the prototype to your Power User and get their feedback.
  • Put their picture (and any other relevant pictures you want to present) in this shared Google Slideshow.

12:00 Presentations, Judging, Awards
Including lunch
During this time, please fill out the Feedback Form. Thanks!

1:30 END

You made it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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