NYU “Made in the Machine,” Session 3: New Tech in Fab

Announcements Opportunities and Events Teen coding classes at BPL Apply for the Dream Yard Maker Institute (related article in the New Yorker) New Media Consortium: Learners as Creators Updates CPE and other materials “Craft Room Machines” post updated with additional 3D printer resources (scroll to bottom) CAM and G-Code tutorial draft Othermill, age 13 Ultimaker […]

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CAM / G-Code Overview and links

G-code is the most common language used by fabrication machines including 3D printers, CNC routers, and laser cutters. One way to familiarize your self with G-Code is through the open source software packages used for RepRap: Repetier Host and Printrun (pronterface). I’m currently using Repetier Host, which seems to have more extensive documentation at this […]

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NYU β€œMade in the Machine,” Session 2: Deep Dives

Announcements New students New York Arts Practicum Agenda 3:30-3:40 Announcements 3:40-4:50 Progress updates (from blogs) 4:40-5:00 Break 5:00-6:00 Partner Exercise: Concept to Reality 6:00-6:20 Discuss upcoming assignments Assignments for Feb 18 Read this chapter on bio-printing from Hod Lipson’s book Fabricated. It should give you context for next week’s guest speaker. Write up a short […]

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Building a RepRap

I ordered a 3D printer kit about two months ago. It’s been quite a journey! Main steps (will flesh this out soon) Back and forth with 3dPrintersOnline.com Assembling the mechanical body. See annotated assembly guide. Hooking up the main board. Extending some of the wires by soldering additional length. Fixing e-stop soldering. Careful about power! […]

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