Data Vis Session 4: Data Exploration.

Announcements NSF Grad Fellowships. Applications due soon. To discuss: Phase 2 due date. Agenda 4:30-5:30 Rahul Bharghava, MIT. 5:30-6:00 April Gu and David Segall, NYU Stern Center for Business and Human Rights (BHR). 6:00-6:10 Break 6:10-7:20 Data Exploration Exercise with BHR data and Next Week’s Assignments Finish and be ready […]

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NYSCI Activities

Since we have no class on October 13 and I will be away on October 20, I’d like you to visit New York Hall of Science to participate in one of the following activities: October 1 or 2: A two-hour Maker Faire volunteer session Catherine Cramer, Senior Program Developer at NYSCI, is running a live […]

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NYU Data Vis 2016 Class Blogs

Class Blogs and Final Projects (in alphabetical order by creator’s last name): MindRider by Anna Bialas Community Partner: MindRider GAP Field Scan by Sara Camnasio Community Partner: Global Action Project NYU Ability Lab by Jasmine Chabra Community Partner: NYU Ability Project Parliamentary Polarization by Nicole Cote Community Partner: Prof. Arthur Spirling Data in the Midst […]

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Data Vis 2016 Session 1: Intros, Histories, Tools.

Announcements While you’re waiting for class to begin, please take a look atย the links as food for thought. Exampleย Vis:ย Transit Visualization Client, Conversation Concept Map, MIT ML Pantheon Exampleย Data Source: Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center (SEDAC), NYC Open Data Example application of data visualization: The Next America,ย The Search for High Energy Cosmic Rays, ProPublica Data Example […]

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