D&T Extra Credit Opportunity: Probabilistically assign gender and race in your bibliography

This University of Maryland Libraries’ Research Guide on Citation Justice links to a Github repository of Python code to “probabilistically assign gender and race proportions of first/last authors pairs in bibliography entries.” Completing all the steps below can make up for 1 unexcused absence in D&T class (2023). DUE DATE: December 24 at 11:59pm

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Diversity & Tech #24

Announcements Agenda Assignments Required: Go through your peers comments to revise/update your paper. We’ll do Round #2 of peer review next week, in different groups. Required: Add relevant a news item toΒ D&T News Items 2023. Optional: Complete the Timed Exercise for 11/29, due Saturday night. For this exercise, you’ll need to read the entries for […]

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Diversity & Tech #23

Announcements Citation Justice (related to this recent NYU Libraries course). Reviewing this research guide will help with the “balance of voices” Cultural Competence line item in the final grade sheet. Class on Wednesday (11/29) will be on Zoom. I’ll put the Zoom link on Brightspace after class. You don’t have to report to the classroom […]

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Recommended Software for PEP

Computer Science Students worked with the following in previous semesters of PEP Comp Sci: 3D Animation Recommended free software: Blender, which does not require web connectivity to use. Blender is very popular with young animators today. Some (all?) PEP lab computers already have Microsoft 3D Viewer, but this software can only be used to view […]

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Diversity & Tech #19 (November 8)

Announcements Alluded to in the Introduction to Dominance by Design: the poem “White Man’s Burden” by Rudyard Kipling. Unless you prefer otherwise, Session #22 will be the final in-class Timed Exercise. They will be optional homework for Sessions #23-27. PLEASE NOTE: you must complete at least 22 exercises! Agenda Assignment

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