Diversity & Tech #23


Citation Justice (related to this recent NYU Libraries course). Reviewing this research guide will help with the “balance of voices” Cultural Competence line item in the final grade sheet.

Class on Wednesday (11/29) will be on Zoom. I’ll put the Zoom link on Brightspace after class. You don’t have to report to the classroom on Wednesday!


  • News items
  • Peer review groups; positionality article
    • In your groups, please briefly introduce your article and its current status. Update the β€œPRG” tab in the D&T Share-outs spreadsheet if needed.
    • If you’re in a group of 4, please determine how you’re dividing up papers. Everyone should read and comment on 2 drafts for Wednesday.
    • Be sure to share your article’s Google Doc with the peers who will review your article.
  • A moment for Assignment announcements
  • 2 remaining 1-on-1s
  • Live edit (completion from prior session)
  • Microaggressors: The Microaggressions Cooperative Activity


Required: Please read 2 drafts in your peer review group. Leave at least 7 comments in each draft, preferably distributed throughout the article from beginning to end.

Required: Add relevant a news item toΒ D&T News Items 2023.

Optional: 11/27 Timed Exercise, available until Wednesday at 2pm. Important notes:

  • For this exercise, choose one class-assigned essay by Audre Lorde or James Baldwin, AND read pages 4-6 (“Historical Approaches Connecting Media and Class”) of the Routledge Companion to Media and Class.
  • For all exercises going forward, you’ll also be asked to indicate if the exercise should be included as part of your regular “Timed Exercise” grade or “Attendance” grade. If you don’t need to make up for any unexcused absences, I recommend choosing the regular “Timed Exercise” option.