MIT Workshop: More Resources

  More hardware stuff: Adafruit BLE breakout to the iPhone. Further practice (zip file). Set up a GPS/SD logger shield (arduino sketch). Pulse Plus GPS/SD logger Simple Demo 1 Simple Demo 2 Optional voltron time. Another useful resource: Small batch PCB:, (best small batch prices as of 2014) A bit more iPhone stuff:  iOS basic tutorial. […]

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Prototyping, Cities, and Selves: Quickstart Presentations and Links

Slideshows on Contexts: HCI sub-fields. Prototyping considerations. Overview of prototyping platforms. Physical Computing. Arduino. Quick Start Guide. Dummies guide. Suppliers. Overview of mobile platforms (developer/designer perspective, business perspective). iOS intro. Arlene’s iOS/BLE/Sensor Crash Course. Lab: Digital I/O with Arduino.  

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Sensor List

SENSOR LIST SparkFun Infrared Proximity Breakout – VCNL4000 BOB-10901 Optical Dust Sensor – GP2Y1010AU0F COM-09689 Vibration Motor ROB-08449   Alcohol Gas Sensor – MQ-3 SEN-08880 Piezo Vibration Sensor – Small Horizontal SEN-09198 Carbon Monoxide Sensor – MQ-7 SEN-09403 Methane CNG Gas Sensor – MQ-4 SEN-09404 LPG Gas Sensor – MQ-6 SEN-09405 SparkFun Capacitive Touch Sensor […]

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QSAT Crash Course: iOS, Swift, CoreLocation (via Arduino+Bluefruit+sensor systems)

While it’s not generally feasible to learn how to build an iOS app from scratch in one three-hour session, the aim of this crash course is to help you to take the existing Bluefruit LE app and modify it to collect data from any Arduino-compatible sensor. How This Tutorial Works For each feature that you add to the app, […]

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Upcoming Events

New York events: contact Arlene to participate. Feb 3, 12-3pm: Share your projects (via 10-minute videoconference session) with my NYU class to inspire, advise, collaborate. March 28: Big Data Fest at New York Hall of Science. May 30: Ideas City Festival at New Museum NYC. IOT Festival: contact Brian DeLacey to participate. IoT Festival Site Jan […]

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MIT IAP, Session 1: Overview

For our first session, we’ll get started by setting the stage for our hands-on activities. We’ll talk about context, our experiences and biases, our questions, the issues we see in our respective fields, and our goals. Then we’ll start making stuff. Hello and intros. Overview of modules that we will connect. (sensor system flowchart) Slideshows on Contexts: HCI […]

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MIT IAP Workshop Description

MIT IAP Workshop: Physical Computing in Urban Studies. See class posts here. January 20-23, 12-3pm Limited to 16 participants Attendance: Participants must attend all sessions How can urban planners take advantage of the connected technologies that are starting to transform individual data to massively larger scales in time and space? From smartphones to wearables, from […]

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