Diversity & Tech #8 (October 2)


With your discussions going forward, please remember to: 1) include technology as part of your discussion and 2) clearly cite sources for any information external to the book.



Planning for the 2250-word Midterm, due October 26.
If you would like written feedback, please submit your midterm paper by October 23.

  1. Requirements
    • Requirement: Focus on one of the topic areas and its required fiction/essays
      • The data-driven texts aren’t required for the midterm.
      • If you choose Beloved, please read more of the book.
      • If you pick Dawn or The Left Hand of Darkness, you’ll need to read ahead!
    • Requirement: Two or more of the additional assigned reading/watching/listening
    • Requirement: Use of a critical theory(s) to guide your research (see #4, “Recommended Method,” below)
    • Requirement: Discuss one or more identities protected by NYC Human Rights Law
    • Requirement: Discuss one or more disruptive technologies in the context of the major Industrial Revolutions.
      • Don’t pick something that doesn’t involve hard science (e.g. the ghost of Beloved; non-communication between Sonny and his brother). This includes tech in the sci-fi novels we’ll read. Don’t make this harder than it has to be!
      • If you discuss multiple fiction authors (e.g. Morrison and Baldwin), pick a tech category that is present in both eras (e.g. transport tech, manufacturing tech)
    • Requirement: Discuss your positionality (NYU login required; see also APA Inclusive Language Guidelines)
  2. Timed Exercises: you can use previous exercise writing to start your draft.
  3. Positionality: building on your background, engineering major & interests
    • Personal manifesto
  4. Recommended Method: Critical Literary Theory

Exercise: Planning/Synthesis Clouds. Prof’s example cloud is here. Start mapping out the midterm you want to write.

Timed Exercise: due tonight so you have more time to work on your Synthesis Cloud.

Wednesday: We will discuss templates and grading rubric.


Read/listen/watch, take notes, and be ready for in-class timed exercises & discussions on: 

Which current technology issues come to mind from your reading? Please find a news item about a relevant technology to the newest tab in D&T News Items 2023.

Optional but Recommended