Diversity & Tech #9 (October 4)


For your reference, Monday’s midterm planning agenda has been added to the “Diversity” menu.


  • News (20)
  • Timed Exercise (30)
    • Upcoming exercises will have 1 question on the reading, and 1 question to help you with progress on preparing the midterm.
    • The midterm-related question won’t be that intense so as to give you more thinking time…
    • And there won’t be a bonus question.
  • Templates & Rubrics (30)
  • Discussion (30)


Read/listen/watch, take notes, and be ready for in-class timed exercises & discussions on: 

  • The first five chapters of Sister Outsider by Audre Lorde: “Notes from a Trip to Russia,” “Poetry is Not a Luxury,” “The Transformation of Silence into Language and Action,” “Scratching the Surface,” and “Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power.”
  • Who Killed Vincent Chin? (film, NYU login required)

Please also create a first draft “Works Cited” in the Google Doc for your paper. Make sure it addresses the items under the “Works Cited” section in the Midterm Grade Sheet.

And: which current technology issues come to mind from your reading? Please find a news item about a relevant technology to the newest tab inΒ D&T News Items 2023.

Our next class is on TUESDAY, not Monday.
Happy Indigenous Peoples Day!