Diversity & Tech #19 (November 8)


Alluded to in the Introduction to Dominance by Design: the poem “White Man’s Burden” by Rudyard Kipling.

Unless you prefer otherwise, Session #22 will be the final in-class Timed Exercise. They will be optional homework for Sessions #23-27. PLEASE NOTE: you must complete at least 22 exercises!

  • Upcoming NYU OGI diversity-related trainings: Bystander trainings (upcoming trainings focus on anti-Asian, antisemitic, and Islamophobic harassment); “One Zone” identity-based overview trainings; On-demand modules for student leaders


  • NewsΒ (10)
  • 1-question Timed ExerciseΒ (25)
    • I’ll sit outside during the exercise, so if you finish early, please step outside to do your 5-minute 1-on-1.
    • If you want a longer 1-on-1, please contact me to schedule it before or after class.
  • Discussion (30)
  • Quick notes on researching media technology (10)
  • More 1-on-1s (35)


  1. Read/listen/watch, take notes, and be ready for in-class timed exercises & discussions on: 
    • The Left Hand of Darkness: Chapters 6-13.
    • Please revisit pages 16-22 of Spiral to the Stars, starting with “The next set of tools for carrying out community work that I encountered was Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping.”
  2. Add relevant a news item to D&T News Items 2023.