NYSCI Activities 2017

Please visit New York Hall of Science on September 21 or October 19 (during class time) to participate in one of the following activities. Please let me know your choice of activity by ASAP so that free admission will be reserved for you. While you’re at NYSCI, take notes/photos on the “4D” and “interactive” elements you observe or experience. A full write-up will be assigned in a few weeks.

  1. September 21, 4pm: A semi-guided visit to NYSCI.
    • Please arrive to NYSCI at before 4pm (if possible) and take a look at the “Connected Worlds” exhibit. At —pm, Catherine Cramer will answer questions about the exhibit and discuss data collection and visualization efforts at NYSCI.
    • Students participating:
  2. October 19, 4pm: Big Data for Little Kids.
  3. Another day: If you want to go to NYSCI another time, please take your own self-guided tour of NYSCI’s exhibits, “Connected Worlds” and “Mathematica.” NYSCI has free admission on Friday afternoons and Sunday mornings (except during Maker Faire). Please take notes on BOTH exhibits.