Data Vis Session 03/4: Associated Press.


While you’re waiting for class to begin, please take a look atΒ the links to prepare for class today.

  • Associated Press VR Immersive Media Report:
  • Metrolex Meetups:The Dictionary Society of North America has partnered with local organizations in the New York City area to establish a series of meetups called MetroLex. MetroLex meetups bring together lexicographers, linguists, technologists, educators, and other language professionals to share research and projects relating to dictionary technology, dictionary use, language documentation, semantic ontologies, and lexicography.
  • Text-as-Data/NLP Speaker Series
    19-Oct Claire Cardie (Cornell)
    NYU-based researchers and students: If you are interested in meeting with any of the speakers, please contact Leslie Huang at (the sooner the better!).
    Please feel free to share this email with interested colleagues or invite them to sign up for our mailing list via our website:
  • Job opportunity: NYU admissions ambassadors
    The application is due on October 16th
  • IDM + Clive Davis Institute Mixer
    Next Friday, we are hosting a student mixer with Clive Davis (CDI). The event will be Friday, October 6th from 6PM – 8PM in the MAGNET Lecture Hall. Signup here.


  • Quick check-ins
  • Taylor Nakagawa, Associated Press.
  • Pan Pan, Data Vis 2016 student.
  • Extended check-ins. Be ready to discuss your dataset.

Next Week’s Assignments

  • Phase I project due next week. Requirements posted here.
    • Feel free to e-mail me next week with questions.
  • Remember the NYSCI assignment. Please complete the NYSCI activity sometime between September 21 and October 19.