Diversity & Tech #15 (October 25)


Following on Monday’s discussion of Dawn and CRISPR: a resource page on issues of informed consent and “human subjects” in research and medical experiments, particularly as it pertains to racism in the United States. If you plan to use Dawn for your final paper, and/or if you want to learn more about how informed consent is practiced in research studies, consider using resources from this page. And don’t forget about the Additional Intersectionality Resources on the D&T Top Topics page.

Field trip next Monday, October 30. We will meet nearby at 370 Jay StreetRoom 220. Note that we will live 370 Jay and embark on an outdoor walking tour at 3pm. It might be rainy, but the walk is short and there are many awnings to stand under.

Note a few revisions to the “Discussions” tab on the Share-out spreadsheet, highlighted in yellow. The revisions affect Nelson, Di, Aisha, Zinat, Hunnan, and Auguste.


  • News 
  • Timed Exercise 
  • Discussion
  • Research notes, cultural competence and intersectionality

Assignment for 10/30

  1. Midterm articles are due tomorrow, 10/26 @5pm (note the later time), when I’ll download your Google Doc. I’ll use this grade sheet to evaluate articles.
    • Marc, Zinat and Shayan – extension to 10/26 @8pm.
    • Anwar – extension to 10/26 @11:59 due to prior illness.
    • If you need time beyond this, let me know; 2 midterm points will be deducted for each day of lateness.
  2. No timed exercise or discussion on Monday! But please review the following materials and be prepared to share a question on these materials.

Looking Ahead: Assignment for Next Wednesday, 11/1

  1. Read/listen/watch, take notes, and be ready for in-class timed exercises & discussions on: 
    • Dawn, Part II (β€œFamily,”) Chapters 12; Part III (“Nursery,”) Chapters 1-13.
      • In the audio, this is Parts 5, 6, and half of 7.
    • Spiral to the Stars by Laura Harjo: β€œIntroduction.”
  2. Add relevant a news item to D&T News Items 2023.