NYU D&T Session #7: Medical Tech 😷 Tuskegee Study

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  • Due Tuesday 9/29:
    • Phase 1, Blog Post #7: 
      • Reflect on Chapter 7 of Medical Apartheid (on the Tuskegee Syphilis Study). What was surprising? What technologies and diversity issues were raised?
      • Discuss a piece of fictional pop culture media that you think propagates (or analyzes) the biases that derived from historical medical discrimination. (Hint: Medical dramas, legal dramas, and superhero stories can be a good place to start.) I will ask you to add it to a spreadsheet next week, and we will screen these clips throughout the semester.
    • Required Reading: Read or listen to Chapter 8 of Medical Apartheid by medical ethicist Harriet Washington. This chapter takes a deep dive into issues of reproductive control and race. 
      • Option 1: Read through Bobst or Course Reserves 
      • Option 2: Listen to Chapter 8.1 (chapter starts @ 35:44) and 8.2 (ends around 40 minutes)

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