“Made in the Machine” Session 4: Industry City Field Trip


  • 2:30: Optional stop at LightsUp. 148 39th Street, 2nd Floor, Brooklyn.
  • 3:30: Makerbot. 147 41st Street, 3rd floor.
  • 4:30: Eyebeam to discuss your March 3 presentations. 34 35th St., 5th floor, Brooklyn.
  • Class will probably end before 6.
  • I will send an e-mail with my contact info in case you can’t find the group.

Assignments due today

  • Readings and viewings, in preparation for our field trip next week:
  • Propose your Phase 1 fabrication project, due March 3. Since you have two weeks, the project can be modest in scope.
    • Requirements (see grading sheet here)
      • The project should be of your own design.
      • The project should explore the unique capabilities of your fabrication machine.
    • Please outline your project plan (similarly to last week’s “Concept to Reality” exercise)
      • Problem or challenge you are trying to address
      • External factors and constraints
      • R&D: Existing related projects and techniques
      • Your solution and its innovations or novelties
      • Your plan for design and prototyping