Diversity & Tech #12 (October 16)


Grace Lee Boggs wasn’t inWho Killed Vincent Chin?” right? (See its searchable transcript)

Letterlocking as an anti-surveillance technology in the time of Beloved

New items in the D&T Reading/Listening/Watching list: PBS Asian Americans (Ep.1 discusses Chinese railroad workers during the time of Beloved), Grace Lee Boggs autobiography, links on linguistic justice

Coming up: International Pronouns Day. See NYU’s pronouns page, reminder that Prof’s pronouns are they/them, and: free pronoun buttons from the LGBTQ+ Center!


  • News (20)
  • Timed Exercise (30)
  • Discussion (30)
  • Research notes, cultural competence and intersectionality (30)


  1. Read/listen/watch, take notes, and be ready for in-class timed exercises & discussions on: 
    • The next final chapters of Sister Outsider: “Learning from the 60s,” “Eye to Eye,” and “Grenada Revisited.”
      • In the audio, this is Part 6 and Part 7.
      • These readings are relevant to world events today, as well as the topic of microaggressions, which we’ll cover later this semester.
      • These readings may be relevant for folks applying postcolonial theory in their midterm articles. Other relevant keywords: neoliberalism, imperialism
  2. Benjamin: Race After Technology, up to page 11: “Preface,” β€œEveryday Coding,” β€œMove Slow,” and β€œTailoring: Targeting”
    • In the Class Books (Additional Reading) audio, this is Part 1.
    • This reading references:
      • Khalil Muhammad’s research on the time period of Beloved
      • James Baldwin
      • issues covered in Sister Outsider (e.g. the master’s tools)
      • Language and codes
  3. Continue to research and prepare your midterm article.
  4. AND: which current technology issues come to mind from your reading? Please find a news item about a relevant technology to the newest tab in D&T News Items 2023.