NYU D&T 22 πŸͺ” D&T in 🟣 NYU Institutional Research πŸ”Ž

Announcements: Class

  • Please remind me to press β€œRECORD” if needed.
  • Please type in the chat: Have you ever visualized a dataset? If so, what tools and software have you used?
  • Midterm re-submission policy
  • Thursday 11/19:
    • Archiving with Konch transcription software. You will receive an email from NYU Libraries / Konch; please register by the start of class on Tuesday.
    • I will post and discuss the Final Project Brief on Thursday.



  • Due Thursday, 11/19: 
    • Phase 2, Blog Post #9. Finish your data visualization from class and start your post with a picture of this visualization. Discuss the dataset you chose, and the features you chose to visualize. Finally, discuss aspects of David Vintinner’s and Eduardo Molina’s visit that may have influenced your visualization choices.

Announcements: Extra Credit

  • Keep going with your data visualization of NYU Institutional Research data and turn it into an interactive. You can any environment you like, including Tableau, Google Data Studio, Google Colaboratory, etc. If you like, you can turn this into your final project.
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  • Web sites and books:Β 
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  • Colorado School of Mines seeks applicants for their new M.S. in Humanitarian Engineering and Science (HES) program, which educates technical professionals to promote sustainable community development by drawing on a unique mixture of faculty expertise in engineering, applied sciences, and social sciences.