NYU D&T 2020 Session #18: Multi-Sensory Reading



Assignment (Required)

  • REQUIRED Phase 2, Blog Post #4: Review the links from the agenda above and discuss today’s guest lectures on multi-sensory reading. Some points to consider:
    • What surprising multi-sensory technologies came up in today’s discussion? Some examples:
      • Boston Linetype vs. Braille in the debate over Universal Design. (Touch this Page exhibit)
      • BARD app
    • In the disability movement, there are been many “Moments in which technologies of access and accommodation are in contention with one other” (also mentioned in the podcast for Touch this Page). Discuss the SSIs involved in these conflicts. For example: vision impaired, hearing impaired, gender, etc.
    • When it comes to multi-sensory reading, why do you think haptic technologies are less “privileged” than audiovisual technologies?