NYU Data Vis 2018.11: Distinguished Alum, Collaborative Tools


  1. Story Map: Please request to join this ArcGIS group–we will try to get our Story Map up and running today:Β https://arcg.is/1ub1CS
  2. CARTO:
  3. Internship opportunity:Β The Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO) is currently accepting project proposals for its internship program.Β METRO will fund interns ($15/hr for 120 hours) for the Spring 2019 semester to work with libraries, archives, museums, or similar organization:Β https://metro.org/studio-internship
  4. Opportunity for Women in STEM:
    Perricone MD and The Scientista Foundation have partnered to give away four $20,000 fellowships to four amazing women in STEM. The application consists of recording a 3-5 minute video explaining how they embody the qualities of a born seeker -- drive, curiosity, and perseverance regarding their scientific and personal life.  Everyone has a unique story to tell, and we would encourage all female STEM students to apply.  The application can be found at www.bornseekersfellowship.com


  1. Guest speaker: Anneka Goss, distinguished data visualization alum
  2. Collaborative StoryMap: Locative Media as Participatory Archives of Civic Engagement
  3. CARTO Map of Boston Housing Authority, August 2007 data
    • Data, 2007-2018
      • 2008: Nicole
      • 2009: Evelyn
      • 2010: Steven
      • 2011: Zhenwen
      • 2012: Simin
      • 2013: Chian
      • 2014: Yan
      • 2015: Richelle
      • 2016: Emilie

Next Week’s Assignments

  • Progress Post: Please write a short post on any relevant project updates, including new visualizations, discussions in your group, discussions with your community partner, etc.
  • Be prepared to work on your project next week, in our penultimate class!
  • The CARTO and Story Map projects are now extra credit opportunities. Please see this postΒ for more information.