NYU D&T Session #3: More SSIs πŸ“‡ + Literacy πŸ“š


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  • Due Tuesday 9/15:
    • Phase 1, Blog Post #2: Exercise in Information Literacy. Continue to write about the blog platform or service you’re using. If you like, you can use the basic Who/What/When/Where/Why model. Please include why you’re using this technology and who’s behind the technology. If you can find a Code of Conduct for the technology company, discuss that, too.
    • Phase 1, Blog Post #3: Going back to your Blog Post #1 (where you discuss the SSIs and technologies you want to learn more about), take a look at your classmates’ blogs and discuss or more blogs that might cover your interests. Discuss them in this post. CLARIFICATION: the SSIs should note be your own, and the technologies should not the ones you know.
  • Extra Credit Options: Write a post about