NYU D&T Session 10: Midterm work session

Announcements: Class & NYU

  • General
    • Accessing documents for this class: Log into Google Drive with your NYU IDs.
    • Field Trip / Guest Speaker questions
    • Your blogs: Good work! Thanks for citing your sources along the way. Please make sure you have 10 posts + your Midterm by Monday.
    • Please fill out this quick poll for upcoming sessions.
  • Class Projects
    • If you are creating a physical prototype, please bring it to class on March 11.
    • Consider an interaction diagram as one of your prototype “iterations” if you’re developing a new system (See examples below)
    • Makerspace funding for your prototypes
    • You are also welcome to check out sensors from my Sensor List. You’ll just need to return them at the end of the semester in order to receive a grade.
    • I’ll announce the midterm presentation order at 6:10, so please return to this classroom by then. Please also be in the room for your 1-on-1 session (see agenda below).
Interaction Diagram from VisualParadigm.com
Another interaction diagram


  • During your session with me, please be ready to ask any questions and discuss the points from last week’s assignment:
    • Prototype iterations
    • What is the larger social issue that underlies this problem that that your technology aims to address?
    • How are diversity, inclusion, and identity related to this issue?
  • Work Time & 1-on-1s (in rough alphabetical order by last name, starting in the middle)
    • 4:45: Alex, Jaynaba
    • 4:55 Michael, Camil, Alice, Munsu (group)
    • 5:05 Sierra, Ashia
    • 5:15 Mohamed, Shiv (group)
    • 5:25 Ari, Augustin
    • 5:35 Nabiha, Rabiya, Abid (group)
    • 5:45 Nicole, Jeremy, Ishan
    • 5:55 Tahmid, Tamim, Shahriar (group)


  • Midterm Presentations next week. I will check your blogs for completion on Monday, so please make sure everything is up!