Data Vis 2016 Session 1: Intros, Histories, Tools.


While you’re waiting for class to begin, please take a look atΒ the links as food for thought.


Next Week’s Assignments

  • BLOG: If you don’t have a blog already, set one up. Send me the blog URL.
  • POST:Β Prepare and post a slideshow that shows your potential toolkit (aka tech stack) for class. Phase 1 will be about exploring and solidifying your toolkit. See the assignment slideshow for “buffet” ideas. The slideshow should contain at least these slides:
    • names of your potential tools
    • justification of your choice
    • tool history and sociology
    • use cases and examples
    • constraints / challenges
    • discuss your tutorial process (see below)
  • TUTORIAL: Go through at least 1 tutorial for your tool(s). Be ready to discuss as part of your slideshow.