Data Vis Session 9: Further Research, Color

Announcements NYU wellness exchange: 212-443-9999 NYU bias response line: 212-998-2277 Articles on Color Article on Vis Types and Evaluations Articles on Visualization Taxonomies Text Analysis using R: November 15, 10-4pm Course Materials Sign up Agenda Phase 3 Requirements are up. You are welcome to invite your CPs to final presentations on Dec 15. […]

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Data Vis Session 5: Phase 1 projects.

Announcements Now up: Phase 2 requirements and list of confirmed community partners. Headcount: NYSCI activity. Let me know your choice now! Spring class: Digital Humanities Analysis and Visualization. Data Visualization Clinics at NYU Library. Qualitative Data Analysis workshops at NYU Library. Tomorrow: NYU Digital Humanities Networking meeting. 10.00-11.30 in the Avery Fisher Room, 2nd floor […]

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Community Partners (continually updated)

Confirmed Partners Be More America. Topics: Healthcare and health equity Contact: Anurag Gupta, anurag [at] bemoreamerica [dot] org NYU Stern Center for Business and Human Rights. Topics: Trafficking and migration of construction workers. Contact: April Gu & David Segall Brown Dwarf NYC. Topic: Astrophysics data, particularly on brown dwarfs Contact: Sara Camnasio Pawa Initiative, Kenya. […]

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