Recommended Software for PEP

Computer Science Students worked with the following in previous semesters of PEP Comp Sci: 3D Animation Recommended free software: Blender, which does not require web connectivity to use. Blender is very popular with young animators today. Some (all?) PEP lab computers already have Microsoft 3D Viewer, but this software can only be used to view […]

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Diversity & Tech #19 (November 8)

Announcements Alluded to in the Introduction to Dominance by Design: the poem “White Man’s Burden” by Rudyard Kipling. Unless you prefer otherwise, Session #22 will be the final in-class Timed Exercise. They will be optional homework for Sessions #23-27. PLEASE NOTE: you must complete at least 22 exercises! Agenda Assignment

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Diversity & Tech #16 (October 30)

Announcements Field trip TODAY! We will meet nearby atΒ 370 Jay Street,Β Room 220. Midterm Updates: After reading all your midterms this weekend, I was generally impressed with the level of cultural competence demonstrated by the articles! (I’m still in the process of calculating grades.)For the second half of the semester, we will focus more on research […]

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Diversity & Tech #15 (October 25)

Announcements Following on Monday’s discussion of Dawn and CRISPR: a resource page on issues of informed consent and “human subjects” in research and medical experiments, particularly as it pertains to racism in the United States. If you plan to use Dawn for your final paper, and/or if you want to learn more about how informed […]

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Diversity & Tech #14 (October 23)

Announcements Congratulations on finishing 50% of the semester! I aim to read all your papers this weekend and submit your midterm grade next week. My deadline to submit midterm grades is November 6. New this semester, I’ll use NYU Connect to raise β€œflags” with your advisor if needed, and to raise kudos (if it’s not […]

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