D&T #19 🎡 Unethical Histories

Announcements Jail Reform, Safety, & Justice in NYC: Understanding Alternatives to IncarcerationThursday, November 17, 2022 | 6:30 PM EDTIn-person & Online | RSVP Required for both in-person and online attendance BOOK TALK | Cars and Jails: Freedom Dreams, Debt and CarceralityWednesday, November 16, 2022 | 5:00 PM EDTIn-person & Online | RSVP Required for both in-person & online attendance William C. Stubing Memorial Lecture: […]

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D&T 2022 #17 🪅 Taking a Break

Announcements The NYU Office of Sustainability is hiring a Student Engagement Coordinator and would love to fill the role with a student who is passionate about environmental and racial justice. Strike averted for now. Follow the Washington Square News for the latest. Agenda Brief tour of gentrification in Downtown Brooklyn Visit to the Clive Davis Gallery. Clive […]

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D&T 2022 #14 ⚔️Check-ins & Microaggressions

Announcements 2700 words due today. Midterm time! Upcoming class plans: 10/26: Gentrification walking tour, weather allowing 11/2: visit to Clive Davis Gallery 11/14 Disability Zone (remote). Remote every Monday after that? Agenda Check-ins: hyperbole & supported assertions REVIEW THE STYLE GUIDE of the identity you’re researching. Otherwise you might be describing people who hold these […]

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D&T 2022 #13 🗺️ Topographical Bureau & More

Announcements TODAY 10/19: Visit to the Topographical Bureau @ Brooklyn Borough Hall. Our appointment is at 2:30, so let’s meet at 2pm outside of this building’s exit (2 Metrotech) and walk over together. Other scheduled visits: 11/2 visit to Clive Davis Gallery, 11/14 Disability Zone training (remote). Photos from class events Today is International Pronouns Day! NYU’s Pronouns […]

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