Diversity & Tech #25


Microaggressions as mosquito bites (Fusion Comedy Video)
Microaggressions Research Papers and More

Good example of a brief, relevant positionality statement in a scholarly article: see this research article by Sue Lockyer, starting at the bottom of page 8.

New items in the “Gender & Sexuality” and “Socioeconomic Status” sections of D&T Reading/Listening/Watching.

Class will be on Zoom this Weds, 12/6, but there’s NO ZOOM next week! Final presentations will be in person only. If you’re sick, stay home, but please notify me AND the Office of Student Advocacy in advance.


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  • Peer Review, Round 2
  • Updates on deadlines, absences and extra credit (added to D&T menu)
    • 12/18 @ 11:59pm: Final Article Deadline to receive grade by 12/24
      • You can also request comments, which I’ll send by 1/2
    • 12/22 @ 11:59pm: Final Article Deadline to receive grade by 1/2
    • A final extra credit opportunity: you can make up 1 unexcused absence by completing a probabilistic analysis of gender and race of authors in your bibliography. Please see this post for more information.
      UPDATE: I will only count your top 20 Timed Exercises towards your grade, not the top 22 as listed in the syllabus. Thanks Lei for catching this.
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