NYU Data Vis Session 12: Visit to Viacom

Agenda: Viacom Agenda here. Address: 1515 Broadway, NYC Be prepared to present 3 minutes per person, in this order. 5:20: Grafiti group (Hasan Ansari, Brian (Chi-Hin) Hui, Akash Kumar, Harsh Trivedi) + 2 feedback/questions 5:39: Alex Lotsos 5:42: Garima Negi + 1 feedback/question 5:46: Meshal Alhathal + 1 feedback/question 5:51: Lindsay Abrams AP groups 5:54: Mona (Hayeon) Kim,  Will (Yi-Wei) Hsu 6:00: […]

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ClassSourced: Good Vis Bad Vis

GOOD VIS Easy to understand Clean Interactivity Appropriate use of color/shape/intensity Clarity with simple coherent view Fulfills business requirement Real-time depiction of events Titles, Annotations, short description BAD VIS Incorrect information Lack of uniformity Wrong scale Lack of context Unfit for the “business” (audience) requirement They’re trying to do too much in terms of design […]

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