Hello. This portfolio documents my work at MIT Media Lab. For more recent comings
and goings, please see my brogram, Sense & Scale, and MindRider.


An EEG Bike Helmet.

A helmet that translates electroencephalogram (EEG) feedback into an embedded LED display.

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Data from or to the human head.

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MIT helmet EEG
  • EmBuddy

    A stress-sensing wiggler.
  • MindRider

    An EEG Bike Helmet.
  • Where The Hel

    One helmet tracks another.


Place-based concerns.

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MIT Environment Location
  • Collective Power

    Block party - it's electric!
  • OpenIR

    Infrared for everyone.
  • UN Human Development

    Equity and Sustainbility.


Other stuff.

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  • Immerss

    Collaborative haptics.
  • Lumenhattio

    Stretchy, glowing covers.
  • NeckFace

    Urgency, birds, and the city.