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Collective Power

Collective Power is a persuasive interface that encourages collaborative and competitive electricity conservation between neighbors and neighborhood blocks. It takes the form of an augmented street lamp: a large-scale electricity gauge indicates block-level usage; a ground-projected visualization indicates building-level usage; and an accompanying mobile app indicates residential unit-level usage.

Project Image

A passerby, standing near the augmented street lamp, uses her mobile device to scan for more information.

Project Image

The projected visualization.

Project Image Project Image

click for a slightly glitchy video

dev notes

Project Image

An earlier UI for the app.

The large-scale light meter was constructed with an individually-addressable light strand by Color Kinetics. It was programmed by Andy Payne using Rhino/Firefly. Its shell and attachment brackets were constructed by Melissa Chow, Andy Payne, Phil Seaton, and me. Our group, "NY4," conceived of and constructed this project for Hirosii Ishii's Tangible Interfaces class. The projected visualization was designed by Melissa Chow and programmed by Phil Seaton and me. Concept imagery by Melissa and Phil. iPhone app by me, based on the ZXing project.