The Exotic Brother Finishing School: Email with FLARE!

Have you ever had a conflict with a woman over email? How did you resolve it? It was hard, right?

Here at the Exotic Brother Finishing School, a lot of bros come and tell us that they’ve pissed off a woman over the Internets, and they don’t know how to fix it. And it’s not always a lover’s spat, either. Female relatives, female friends, female bosses, female coworkers, even female subordinates–it’s a a veritable flood of female email fury!  

Common complaints to our brotherly compadres:

  • You sound pissed off. 
  • You command, you don’t ask. 
  • I work on my communication style, but you don’t work on yours. 

What is that last complaint supposed to mean? Well, apparently there are loads of articles to help gals email more like guys, thus improving their chances to make loads more money. But how about that guy who wants to ward off a break-up? A dope-slap? Or just the acceleration of silent hate from all the women in a one kilometer radius?

That’s were The Exotic Brother Finishing School can help. Working with the leading communication experts in the industry, we’ve tailored a short course designed to turn even the coarsest dude into the suavest emailing male on the block! In just one hour, we will have you–yes you, man–emailing with flare. Scratch that–emailing with FLARE!

What makes the Exotic Brother Email with FLARE course so effective? The simple answer is that we go deep. By that, we mean that we don’t just teach the obvious tricks like the female-friendly use of exclamation points, thank yous, and emoticons. We turn to our brothers from the other side–of the pond, that is. We have a full panel of ESL and AESL (American English as a Second Language) brothers show you how to use a little bit of foreignness–in your writing, speech, and even your thinking–turn you from a schlumpy bro to an Exotic Brother of the World. 

Life is short. But The Exotic Brother’s Email with FLARE course is much, much shorter, so don’t wait. Enroll today!**

**All Exotic Brother courses and consultations include a 100% satisfaction or 20% of your money back guarantee.