It’s a man’s world (stop being a fangirl)

I need to get off my ass
Stop being a fangirl
Stand up
And be a goddamn man.
What does that mean?
Well I’m not exactly sure. But I figure I can
Re-peruse the sites I’ve endlessly perused
To learn about actors and actresses on my favorite
Show, to learn about where they are now and how did they grow, age, fatten, wrinkle, die
To see the red carpet dresses and suits
And fake it. I figure that by
Wearing my own suit, being my own suit, deepening my voice, growing my beard, muscling up
I can fake it.
By that I mean
I’m not a man. Never was.
But it’s a man’s world
And I do love men
And, in the end, I do have a penis.
Might as well use it.