Building a 3D printer

I ordered a 3D printer kit about two months ago. It’s been quite a journey! Main steps (will flesh this out soon)

  • Back and forth with
  • Assembling the mechanical body. See annotated assembly guide.
  • Hooking up the main board. Extending some of the wires by soldering additional length.
  • Fixing e-stop soldering.
  • Careful about power!
  • Thermistor issues.
  • Firmware issues.
  • Trying to do a dry-run; switching to Repetier Host.
  • Homing issues. Y-band breaks.
  • Checking thermistor. 6k connected to the board; 100k disconnected from the board.

Electron Printers:

Electron Mix G3:

firmware for MKS Base:,472067,type=rss

Marlin on github:

RAMPS 1.4:

Marlin setup guide:

reprap thermistors:

installing a new thermistor:

reprap thermistor issues:,249052 (baud rate)


— MKS Base—