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TO: Metrorail Green Line Train Operators and Station Managers
FROM: Arlene Ducao, Metrorail Green Line Liaison
DATE: December 14, 1999
SUBJECT: Green Line Safety Inspection

Yesterday, Audra Verte, WMATA’s safety supervisor, completed her inspection of the Metrorail Green Line. In her report, Ms. Verte praises the Green Line workers’ extra efforts to provide smooth service amidst the construction of additional Green Line stations. She also sends her congratulations to the Green Line for winning the holiday train-decorating contest for the third year in a row. In addition, the Green Line trains are usually the cleanest and have the best temperature-control of all the Metrorail trains.

However, the Green Line still has room to resolve a few persistent problems. Ms. Verte notes that late at night, Green Line service is sometimes hasty. Green Line trains have the earliest final train departures of all the Metrorail lines. Despite the early departures, a few Green Line stations have closed before the arrival of the final train. This has led to patrons being locked in stations. The short station-stopping period of Green Line trains, an average of forty seconds, has also inconvenienced patrons. This period is almost fifty percent below the Metrorail target of seventy-five seconds. Finally, Green Line train operators tend to make unclear or inaudible announcements of the next destination on a trip.

The Metrorail administration has full confidence in the Green Line employees’ capabilities to resolve these issues. To clarify next year’s plans, all lines are requested to submit a proposal and timetable of intended actions. It will be greatly appreciated if this report arrives in the WMATA office by January 15, 2000.

We look forward to a new millennium of Green Line service!


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